LRH Therapy/CGC Dogs for Sale

100% of all proceeds support Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs.

Does your dog friend need a Canine Good Citizen Certification?  Lessons and Evaluation available.

Leroy has professionally trained Therapy Certified and AKC Good Citizen certified dogs! Each dog is Public Access tested and goes through an extensive socialization and obedience regiment. Please note these are team certifications that include both handler and dog.  Ready to be matched with a professionally trained partner?  Contact us via our Contact Page!

What I look for in a dog to train as a Therapy Dog

The first attribute of a dog who makes it into my program is simple eye contact.  When I work with dogs at this level, eye contact is everything.  If a dog does this naturally, I know he is asking me how he can please me.  This means the dog is engaged. The second attribute is a quiet mind.  Border Collies think all the time but the ABCA Border Collies are bred with intelligence as a priority. This makes them receptive to information versus being reactionary to situations.  Most importantly, is the dog having fun during training or is the occupation a chore?  Not all dogs take to Therapy work.  That’s ok!

Vivian Merkley


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