LRH Environmental Scent Detection

100% of all proceeds support Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs.

We take detection seriously!  Our dogs are trained for:

Drug detection

Pest Detection

Environmental Detection 

Check out Leroy’s great NESDCA certified bedbuggers!  Our dogs find insects, animals, antlers, and people!

K9 Scent Detection

The use of dogs for detection purposes is a strong and accepted part of our modern society. Professional detection dogs are employed by Homeland Security, TSA, local and federal Law Enforcement, and school officials. We count on drug detection and explosive detection dogs to keep us safe. I know I always feel better when I see a detection dog at work in an airport!
Another side of detection dogs that isn’t showcased as much is Environmental Detection

Niles learning his Scent Freeze-lock

Dogs. This is my passion! Environmental detection dogs scent out specific animal and insect species. I most enjoy training Bedbug

Stella scenting and freeze-locking on BedBugs in a Care Facility

Detection dogs. My Bedbug Detection Dogs scent out and alert to one or a cache of 100+ bedbugs. I now relax in hotel stays much more than before putting Stella to work.
I also train border collies to scent out cows! My ranching community needs this because every year, cows grazing in the forest become lost. Trained scent dogs for this is type of Environmental Detection is vital. Antler Shed detection is yet another example of Environmental Detection dog. I thoroughly enjoy this type of detection training! This is a great chance to spend the day hiking in beautiful land and retrieve valuable antlers!p1070264

Vivian Merkley


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