LRH Search & Rescue Service/Dogs for Sale

100% of all proceeds support Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs.


Walter is a strong trailing dog with tremendous drive. Walter scent discriminates in IMG_4889~3Urban settings with the longest wait period of 20 minutes; and consistently makes his Wilderness freshest human scent find with a wait period of 2 hours and 1 mile radius. This dog is young (born July 2nd, 2016) and from champion stock dog lineage. Walter is incredible to work and a true gentleman with a solid obedience foundation.

Even with all his drive, Walter has a Solid Obedience Handle. Anyone can enjoy working with Walter! He is light on the lead, has a solid off-lead recall, lie-down, stay, behind, and That’ll Do.


CGCChico is a truly special dog full of heart. He LOVES people. I have taken this dog everywhere and he is kind and dependable. This is a unique dog and will only be placed with a kindred spirit.

Chico is 8 years old and BC mix. I trained him to scent discriminate in wilderness and urban settings. He is phenomenal. Chico is also Therapy Dog International 36957938_507495196372223_6382864779643453440_nCertified. This means he is ready to pass the test with any handler and become a Therapy Dog team. Chico doesn’t need to DSC01378work every day but he does need love and interaction.

This is his story:


Chico came on strong for trailing! This is Chico scent discriminating across pavement, traffic, different terrain all on a warm day. Amazing!

Chico: 8 years old, very easy and dependable


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